Yesod, Web Apps, GUI Apps

I recently started working with Haskell and decided I need to find a good development environment for making apps in Haskell. Haskell for Mac looks really great and feels like "XCode for Haskell," especially playground and SpriteKit Support, which is nice too see.

But there is a lot of stuff I don't see (or can't seem to find) that I would expect from an IDE. I do see a lot of articles and posts suggesting that some of these features "will be added" but nothing about whether they have been since then or not.

So basically, I was wondering if this is meant to be a development environment for production level applications, or if it is more focused on providing good tooling for Scientific computing via playgrounds? (Which it seems to do a great job of by the way)

And, if so, is there a good learning resource for getting started with enterprise level Haskell Development using HFM?


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